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Unparalleled in the industry — design & manufacture of superior quality trash enclosures.

It's not trash enclosures that get us out of bed in the morning...

It’s solving real problems for hardworking people like you. 

Trash enclosures are a critical feature of every commercial, mixed use, and multifamily space in the US. Unfortunately, these spaces are often synonymous with dirty, stinky, unsafe eyesores.  

Lucky for you, we’re passionate about coming up with the most precise and innovative ways to keep your building’s trash out of sight, intruder-free, safe for tenants and employees, and able to withstand the elements.    

Trust us, we’ve got a solution for you. If we don’t, we’ll invent one.

And we’re nice people to boot! We’ll make working with us a pleasant experience and hopefully build a lasting relationship. 

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Let’s start building together. Select from the 3 options we have for you.

Existing Enclosure

We’ll work within the confines of your existing space to build the perfect trash enclosure for your needs.


Whether you have plans or not, we’ll design a custom structure that fits your needs and specifications.

Enclosure Kit

Our modular kits are packaged and shipped to your location, with easy assembly by any local installation team.

The US Enclosures Difference

Here are just a few of the reasons we’ve earned the reputation of industry leader.


Our corrugated roofs are not only extra durable, but they keep the enclosure free from unwanted visitors (human and otherwise). Our gates are easy to close and latch, enhancing the likelihood they'll be secured by users and ensuring everyone's safety and security.


Weather, daily trash deposits, and trash & recycling truck pickups mean the enclosures must be built to withstand abusive environments. Our enclosures are built for maximum durability and longevity. We even build our own hardware to ensure the perfect fit.


Just because there's trash on the inside doesn't mean the outside has to match. We can make your trash enclosure compliment the surrounding buildings, landscape, and other features. If you have an idea, we can design and create it!

Frequently Asked Questions

US Enclosures ships to anywhere in Mexico, Canada, and all of the USA.

This is an area we excel in. US Enclosures provides custom, job-specific measurements and drawings to all our customers and their team.

We provide a Measuring Guide showing a detailed technical drawing and the measurements needed for the project. These measuring guides contain simple and relevant information that any field technician can complete with ease. These guides are also designed to acquire additional measurements that are used to double check each measurement for accuracy.

If there is a discrepancy with the measurement, our form will locate it for us. We then work with our customer and their team to ensure accuracy of all measurements, which is paramount to our team at US Enclosures. 

This is another area that sets US Enclosures apart from other trash enclosure companies.

We produce a full 3D CAD drawing of our customers’ gates, and even the site conditions if needed, as part of our standard service. Our CAD drawings ensure that our customers can fully visualize the product they are purchasing. We likewise have the capability of sharing a link of a fully interactive 3D version of our customers’ CAD drawings.

Our lead times, just like any other company today, remain variable. Scarcity of materials, labor, and issues in the shipping industry continue to create challenges to our lead times. Nevertheless, we strive to give our customers an accurate and realistic ship/completion date.

Our standard lead time is 6-12 weeks from the time of deposit. The option to expedite any lead time for a project is available on a case-by-case basis. Our team is known to accommodate such requests. Let us know and we will do everything we can to make it work.

Our Product: We truly have studied the trash enclosure gates over the last 10 years – analyzing fail points as they happen when we are called out to do repair work.

Our Owner, James Robitaille, tells stories of being on vacation with his family and having to turn around to stop and look at a set of gates that caught his eye, just so he can get out to inspect and take photos for reference and to keep a log. This is real, folks, and has happened more than once! We live with the passion to improve the wheel; our wheel is trash enclosure gates.

Our Service: We are proud to say that the service we provide to our customers is second to none. We truly know what it means to provide service. In fact, within our team, we see this service as CUSTOMER CARE.

When our customers decide to purchase from US Enclosures, we take full ownership of their project. Integrity and Stewardship are our two most important core values in our company. We are here to provide the most detailed information about our products to potential customers so they can make informed decisions for their businesses. We have been known to assist customers that have chosen other companies over us.

At US Enclosures, we are dedicated to being the best resource in the trash enclosure industry for years to come.

Our gates and enclosure kits can vary widely in price due to differences in project details and site conditions.

To be very transparent, we are not the cheapest option, yet not the costliest either. However, our products are by and large the best in value and quality. Our gates are made to last and will have no need for replacement work in years to come. With our unrivaled resources and service combined with competitive pricing and knowledge of the construction industry, customers simply will not find the same value anywhere else. 

We provide a warranty that covers all our trash enclosure systems, equipment, and materials furnished and installed by US Enclosures. Click here for more information on our warranty.

We are a domestic manufacturer. All of our trash enclosures and trash enclosure systems are 100% manufactured in our facility in Hesperia, California. US Enclosures products are proudly made in the USA.